Advertisement on women’s legs in Japan

From a cognitive perspective a good advertisement should be put where many people look and women’s legs seem to be a perfect canvas. In Japan a new advertising service allows women to rent out their own legs to advertisers. The article on Nippon News says: “The company is called Absolute Territory PR, (interesting name, isn’t it?) and the number of women participating are increasing day by day (…) Participating women get their legs stamped with an ad and go on with their usual life, of course wearing a short skirt or shorts and showing their legs around as much as possible. As long as the ad is showing on their legs for eight hours a day or more, their job is done, and they are paid a part of the advertising fee. As proof of their work, participants must also post pictures of themselves “wearing” the ad on their own Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.”

From the sexological point of view one can say that the combination of mobile advertisements, human body, sexual stimulus and cultural cuteness, may be a powerful way to stimulate marketing effect.

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Young Japanese women rent out their bare legs as advertising space

Japanese New Trend – Advertisement on women’s legs

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