The Effectiveness of Tigger Warnings

While watching videos online or reading post on social media you may have come across a trigger warning. A trigger warning is usually a short statement at the beginning of a video or article that alerts the viewer of potentially distressing material. The increase in the use of these of trigger warnings in the past decade has led to a

From Friends to Lovers?

What is the best way to start a relationship? How did you do it? In this digital age many people might assume the best, and most often used, way to start a relationship is online, either through dating apps like tinder or over social media. Research in many journals also tends to focus on strangers and them becoming romantically involved.

Does Wearing A Mask Make You More Attractive?

With COVID-19 taking over our lives, everywhere we go we are wearing mask, coving up our faces. How does this impact how people rate other’s attractiveness? Does it make it worse because we can’t see each other’s faces? In Japan, wearing facemasks was common before the pandemic, if you had to go to go out while feeling under the weather

Paradoxical Straightness?

New research has shined more light on a little talked about trend in rural America, straight White men having sex with other straight White men. In the interviews, the men identified as being a “manly” type of man, loving shooting, hunting, fishing, etc. The researcher explains that these men strongly associated with straight culture and identify as straight. They go

Sex and Self-Harm

A common but not so often talked about topic is one of self-harm. About 1 in 7 college students have engaged in it before, usually in the forms of intentional cutting or burning of oneself. These actions are related to low self-esteem and emotional dysregulation, acting as a way to relieve negative feelings or increase positive ones. A recent study

The Link Between Sex and Depression

The link between depression and sex is a complicated one. It is well known that some prescription treatments for depression can lower sexual activity and interest. However, research has found that depression may be linked to higher sexual risk-taking.  It might seem logical that those with a lower severity of depression might be the ones taking more risks, while those