Paradoxical Straightness?

New research has shined more light on a little talked about trend in rural America, straight White men having sex with other straight White men. In the interviews, the men identified as being a “manly” type of man, loving shooting, hunting, fishing, etc. The researcher explains that these men strongly associated with straight culture and identify as straight. They go

Sex and Self-Harm

A common but not so often talked about topic is one of self-harm. About 1 in 7 college students have engaged in it before, usually in the forms of intentional cutting or burning of oneself. These actions are related to low self-esteem and emotional dysregulation, acting as a way to relieve negative feelings or increase positive ones. A recent study

The Link Between Sex and Depression

The link between depression and sex is a complicated one. It is well known that some prescription treatments for depression can lower sexual activity and interest. However, research has found that depression may be linked to higher sexual risk-taking.  It might seem logical that those with a lower severity of depression might be the ones taking more risks, while those

Can Our View of the “Ideal” Body Change?

In many places in the world, the ideal body can change. From different skin tones to face shapes to how much fat one has. These don’t only change from location to location, but also change throughout time. Two new studies wanted to look into how malleable our idea of the ideal body is. In both studies female participants, 19-75 years

Caffeine and Your Brain

Do you drink coffee every day? Maybe Monster energy drinks? When you drink it late in the day it might have an impact on your sleep, which in turn may have an effect on your brain. Sleep deprivation can affect the gray matter in your brain, so does caffeine worsen this process? That is what a research team wanted to

Using VR to Help Accelerate Learning

New research using virtual reality and “doppelganger” avatars wanted to investigate if using an avatar that looks like a participant, would help the participant learn. The study compared using an avatar that doesn’t look like the participate to one that does. They were looking specially at whether it would improve public speaking. In the study there were two different conditions,

How Much Sex Should We Have?

How much sex in a relationship is too little? Or too much? How much sex should we be having in our relationships? Is there a normal amount!? Concerns about sexual frequency are common in most long-term relationships. One of the reasons behind this is, it is easy to quantify sexual activity. You are able to count the number of times

Attachment Style and Marriage

How do you fight with your partner? Do you beat around the bush or get right to the point? Talk calmly or devolve into a screaming match? Conflicts happen in marriage and attachment styles may have something to do with how couples argue. Generally, people have a secure or insecure attachment style. Having a secure attachment style usually means that

Yearning For Sex With Your Ex

This has been a long and hard pandemic. With social isolation going on for months, it is not a surprise that many people are feeling lonely. Many people are not able to go out to bars, clubs or even go to work to try to find a potential sexual partner. The general population is having less sexual encounters this year

Men Fall Asleep Faster Than Women After Sex, Right? Right!?

As in our last article, we tackled something that was seemingly thought to be well known to most, though turned out not to be. Here is another look into a commonly held belief, that men fall asleep faster after sex than women. But, do they? Researchers set out to see if this was indeed true, as well as testing a

Do Men Fake Orgasms?

While it seems to be common knowledge and quite popular to make fun of women faking orgasms in pop culture, the questions that tends to come up is, do men? One might think they never would or really can’t because of how their orgasms work. However, men can and in fact do fake orgasms. Of course though, an ejaculation can’t