Differences in Sexual Desire: Trouble?

Do you and your partner share a similar level of sexual desire? Do you feel unsatisfied? Too satisfied? One would assume that when partners share a similar level of sexual desire there aren’t any issues, are there? And what about when there are differences? Differences in sexual desire can lead to many issues in a relationship, frustration, disputes and stress.

Sexual Priming and Deception

Have you ever lied on a first date? Maybe pretended you were into some jazz funk band to impress your date? Being sexually aroused might have played a role in it. New research has shown that both men and women lie to new potential partners when primed with sexual stimuli, in order to make themselves seem more similar or more

Gay Men And Dating Apps

The proliferation of dating apps and sites were aimed at making our love lives a little bit easier. In smaller communities, such as the gay and lesbian communities, these apps could be seen as a god send in finding people to connect with. However, it seem these dating apps might be having a negative effect on the people using them,

How Do You View Your Ex?

Most of us have had a break up in the past, but not all of us may look back on our exes the same. As it turns out, how we look back is different for men and women. Research published in the journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science examined to what degree men and women look back positively or

A New Year for the Female Orgasm

Some very interesting research has been done in 2019 about the female orgasm, an often forgotten aspect of the sexual conversation. New research surveying 1,293 women, looked into how to increase the likelihood of having an orgasm during sex. The study indicated two strong physical ways to do so. One such way, which may be pretty obvious, is direct “precise”


When it comes to men, they really aren’t the best at apologizing, at least from the point of view of women. This begs the question: Why? Starting from childhood men and women learn and grow in different ways. As children, boys generally play in big groups, in competitive games and activities, whereas girls have smaller groups and participate in cooperative

What’s to Blame for the Drop in Marriages?

Since the 1950s, marriages have sharply declined. In the 1950s about 70 percent of men and women were married. Now that number is at 50 percent. So, what is the cause of this? One theory is that there aren’t enough desirable men. One study looked to compare a synthetic spouse, one that was based on partners of married women in

Women’s Sexual Desire and Marital Satisfaction

There are many issues that can lead to individuals being dissatisfied with their marriages. However, new research has shed light on a potential cause that has not been focused on before. Two studies were conducted over the course of 1 year and 4 years. The studies measured sexual desire of both partners, their marital satisfaction, and a few other measures.

The Attractive Forces That Divide

I think we all know of some of the attractive forces that make us want to chase after a new partner, being physically attracted to them, having similar personalities, or idealization about how good the relationship might be. While these are all good reasons to want to pursue someone, they can also be the reasons for why a relationship ends.

Males Mate Choices Across Cultures

While there are some basic similarities between men and women on the kind of mate they would like, there are some differences. Men and women generally prefer partners that are agreeable, attractive, have a sense of humor and are cooperative. However, men tend to care more about attractiveness and age than women do. Men also care less about personal and

Why Your Partner Watches Adult Videos

It may come as a shock to some that their partner has been watching adult videos in secret. Some are left reeling and asking why their partner would do such a thing. Colin Hesse and Kory Floyd had a theory which they sought to test out. They wanted to see if it was related to affection exchange theory. Basically, Hesse