Who Does Zoom Fatigue Affect The Most?

As the pandemic drags on and another new variant emerges, we are forced us back to working from home, staying connected to our workplaces via zoom and other platforms. Working from home may be good for some, for others it may be causing “zoom fatigue”. Over the course of the pandemic, more and more research has been done on this

The Effectiveness of Tigger Warnings

While watching videos online or reading post on social media you may have come across a trigger warning. A trigger warning is usually a short statement at the beginning of a video or article that alerts the viewer of potentially distressing material. The increase in the use of these of trigger warnings in the past decade has led to a

Attachment Style and Marriage

How do you fight with your partner? Do you beat around the bush or get right to the point? Talk calmly or devolve into a screaming match? Conflicts happen in marriage and attachment styles may have something to do with how couples argue. Generally, people have a secure or insecure attachment style. Having a secure attachment style usually means that