Attachment Style and Marriage

How do you fight with your partner? Do you beat around the bush or get right to the point? Talk calmly or devolve into a screaming match? Conflicts happen in marriage and attachment styles may have something to do with how couples argue. Generally, people have a secure or insecure attachment style. Having a secure attachment style usually means that

How Do You View Your Ex?

Most of us have had a break up in the past, but not all of us may look back on our exes the same. As it turns out, how we look back is different for men and women. Research published in the journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science examined to what degree men and women look back positively or

Sexual Satisfaction and Marriage

New research into whether sexual satisfaction is tied to marriage has shown some interesting results. The study looked at 3,207 people from Germany between the ages of 32-46. The respondents were grouped into married, never married, and divorced/separated. There were three main findings. The first being that marriage did not determine level of sexual satisfaction. The second was married couples

Expedited Partner Therapy

STDs are at an all time high in America, with Americans learning 2.3 million times that they have an STD, why aren’t more getting treatment? Physicians explain what is in the way of treatment.

Cheaters, the Sexual Hypocrites.

Two recently published studies look in to how self-serving bias in a relationship to infidelity can lead to sexual hypocrisy. They also explore how different personality styles show greater sexual hypocrisy. These hypocrites, in the cause of infidelity, usually blame their partner or the situation for their infidelity. Read more below.

February Newsletter

*|MC:SUBJECT|* *|MC_PREVIEW_TEXT|* TEDx Lecture!    What will sex be like in the 21st century? Robots? Bluetooth enabled adult toys? No more love? Find out by watching this TEDx Lecture  Sex in the 21st century | Dariusz Skowroński | TEDxKatowice Academic Updates!    On behalf of the group of Academics from Temple University Japan Campus and Meiji University in Tokyo, let me announce

Sexting, but Why?

The recent scandal involving Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lead Sam Louie MA, LMHC  to go into detail about the reasons for sexting. For example, one recent study suggests that for men (almost 50%) the top reason is it satisfies their sexual needs or feels good. While for women (almost 20%) the top reason is insecurity. For information and sources:

Ted Bundy’s Necrophilia

Recent popularity of the Netflix documentary into Ten Bundy’s life has renewed interest in his psyche. This fascinating article dives into the psychology behind Ted Bundy’s necrophiliac tendencies.

Experiencing Culture Shock in Japan

Experiencing Culture Shock in Japan. A group of students asked me to participate in their project and I am happy to share the video they produced. Good job! The culture shock in a nutshell. Congratulations to Megan Gruspe, Di Hou and Izzy Yin. Enjoy Watching 🙂