When is it OK to Start Sending Spicy Texts?

Sexting, the practice of sending sexually explicit messages or images via mobile devices, has become increasingly prevalent in recent years. With the rise of technology, it has become easier for people to engage in this type of behavior, and many researchers have been interested in understanding the prevalence and patterns of sexting. A recent study published in Computers in Human

Hormones and Sexual Desire

Hormones are known to play a vital role in sexual desire, but how exactly do they interact to influence our desires? A new study sheds some light on the matter. The recent laboratory study published in Adaptive Human Behavior and Physiology investigated the relationship between variations in testosterone and cortisol hormone levels in men and women and their self-reported sexual

Honesty in the Bedroom

Honesty in the bedroom can be a difficult topic for couples. Women may tend to tread lightly when trying to communicate with their partners about trouble in their sexual relationship. Giving sexual feedback to men can be a precarious situation, especially when dealing with masculinity. Researchers wanted to examine the effects of perceived fragile masculinity and perceived gender roles on