The sexist comments hurled at a Japanese assemblywoman by governing party members.

A clear example that Japan is still a male dominated society prompt to sexist behaviours: the incident during Tokyo assembly meeting after lawmakers hurled sexist comments at an assemblywoman Ayaka Shiomura giving a speech about the need for more services for women. Read more at: Tokyo assemblywoman heckled on why she isn’t married or having children and Outrage follows sexist outburst at

Book review – The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality by Toshiaki Tachibanaki (橘木 俊詔)

Recently I have come across a very interesting analysis of modern Japanese women and their dilemmas related to the society, family and gender roles presented in a book published in 2010: The New Paradox for Japanese Women: Greater Choice, Greater Inequality, authored by Toshiaki Tachibanaki (橘木 俊詔). The Japanese edition was published in 2008 as 女女格差 (Jojo kakusa). I highly recommend reading the

Nature versus Nurture

One of a very famous and tragic stories in the history of sexology is a case of John/Joan (David Reimer). This documentary may offer you food for thought in terms of what really makes us a man or a woman. Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis