The documentary “Fighting an Invisible Enemy”

I recommend to watch the documentary about the mental health in Japan “Fighting an Invisible Enemy“, created by Taiyo Yagi, Dallace Johnson, and Zhou Jiayang, produced for Ethnographic Documentary Class, SILS, WASEDA UNIVERSITY 201 Dr. Dariusz Piotr Skowronski, Dr. Yuko Takebe, Dr. Takashi Hosaka, Kazuto Takeuchi, Morgan Stuart Congratulations to my students!

Zesshoku-danshi 絶食男子 – fasting men.

It looks like there is quite new label coined by Japanese media for the rapidly growing number of modern Japanese men who are called zesshoku-danshi 絶食男子 “fasting men”. They are not interested in women and sex at all. These young men never had a girlfriend, sexual experience and never considered getting married. One more reason to the argument that Japanese

In pursuit of perfect virtual love in Japan…

This is quite old piece of news from 2009 but still may raise eyebrows of many people when talking about some more surprising facets of Japanese relationships. I am talking about first-ever marriage between a young Japanese man and video game character in Japan: Nintendo DS “Love Plus”. The groom was a gamer Sal9000 and the bride Nene Anegasaki, the

The moment of truth: in Japan adult nappies outsell baby nappies.

This is bad news in terms of Japan’s demographics and future prognosis for the rapidly aging society. And probably we can consider the issue of adult nappies for the elderly as the taboo topic. However, this is Japanese reality of declining population: adult nappies outsell baby nappies. Read more at in a the article: Adult nappies ‘outsell baby nappies’.