Sexual Priming and Deception

Have you ever lied on a first date? Maybe pretended you were into some jazz funk band to impress your date? Being sexually aroused might have played a role in it. New research has shown that both men and women lie to new potential partners when primed with sexual stimuli, in order to make themselves seem more similar or more

What’s to Blame for the Drop in Marriages?

Since the 1950s, marriages have sharply declined. In the 1950s about 70 percent of men and women were married. Now that number is at 50 percent. So, what is the cause of this? One theory is that there aren’t enough desirable men. One study looked to compare a synthetic spouse, one that was based on partners of married women in

Women’s Sexual Desire and Marital Satisfaction

There are many issues that can lead to individuals being dissatisfied with their marriages. However, new research has shed light on a potential cause that has not been focused on before. Two studies were conducted over the course of 1 year and 4 years. The studies measured sexual desire of both partners, their marital satisfaction, and a few other measures.

Women’s Attraction to Masculine Men

Are women really more attracted to a more masculine man? As it turn out, it is a bit complicated and by a bit, I mean very. The preference of women can change on a variety of factors. One such being the prevalence of infectious diseases in an area. Those that are more at risk, generally prefer more masculine men. There

Want a Better Love Life? Tell Your Partner What You Want.

New research has show that couples feel anxiety when going to discuses their sex lives with their partner. They also feel it difficult to talk about their sexual needs, experiences or satisfaction with their partners as well. The article discusses where the difficulties of talking come from. It also gives some advice on how to and when to approach your

Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men

A topic that really isn’t covered for the most part, erectile dysfunction (ED) in young men (18-40 years old). This article looks into the commonality and the factors that contribute to ED in young men. The percentage is higher than one might think.

Adapting to Living in a New Country

Many readers of these articles are those living abroad or have lived abroad. This new research applies to those living abroad. It takes a look at the factors that could contribute to successfully adaptation.

Attachment Styles and Your Sex life.

Attachment styles that we develop as children tend to stay with us throughout our lives. While they can develop and change, how do they play a role is our sex lives? Gurit Birnbaum discusses a range of attachment styles and their affects on sexual relationships.

Unconscious Attitudes and Sexual Frequency

We all have unconscious attitudes (implicit attitudes) towards the people we are around. Some studies have indicated that newlyweds with positive implicit attitudes towards one another, were more likely to have more sex. But what about explicit attitudes, or how do implicit attitudes affect other parts or relationships? Check out more information in the article!