The Attractive Forces That Divide

I think we all know of some of the attractive forces that make us want to chase after a new partner, being physically attracted to them, having similar personalities, or idealization about how good the relationship might be. While these are all good reasons to want to pursue someone, they can also be the reasons for why a relationship ends.

Males Mate Choices Across Cultures

While there are some basic similarities between men and women on the kind of mate they would like, there are some differences. Men and women generally prefer partners that are agreeable, attractive, have a sense of humor and are cooperative. However, men tend to care more about attractiveness and age than women do. Men also care less about personal and

Why Your Partner Watches Adult Videos

It may come as a shock to some that their partner has been watching adult videos in secret. Some are left reeling and asking why their partner would do such a thing. Colin Hesse and Kory Floyd had a theory which they sought to test out. They wanted to see if it was related to affection exchange theory. Basically, Hesse

Ovulation and Sexual Desire

Humans are a bit different in the animal world when it comes to sex. While many animals have sex during their ovulation periods, humans seem to do it anytime. Why humans do this is still controversial, however researchers wanted to know if humans at least increased their sexual actions during ovulation. The research found that women who are ovulating do

Initiate Sex With Your Partner

Sexual relations with your partner might be tricky at times. You’re not in the mood, they’re not in the mood. But even after a long time without having sex, these things can still happen. Why? One reason, as Dr. Zebroff puts it, is sexual initiation. After asking thousands of participants about how their partners initiate sex, two main points stuck

Sex Robots!

With technology rapidly advancing from the latest VR tech, to robust improvements in AI, what is the next step for pornography and sex toys? That’s right! Sex Robots! As AI and bio-electronics get more human like you can start building your perfect mate! Sounds great, right? Well, not so fast. Sex robots are not just another sex toy to throw

Same Sex Couples and Public Display of Affection

New research opens the door on the feelings of those in same sex relationships, and how they publicly display their affection. One study, which consisted of 100,000 LGBTQ individuals, in the UK, showed that 68 percent of couples avoided holding hands in public for fear of violent or negative response. Other research from Canada shows that even though there is

Women’s Attraction to Masculine Men

Are women really more attracted to a more masculine man? As it turn out, it is a bit complicated and by a bit, I mean very. The preference of women can change on a variety of factors. One such being the prevalence of infectious diseases in an area. Those that are more at risk, generally prefer more masculine men. There

Sexual Satisfaction and Marriage

New research into whether sexual satisfaction is tied to marriage has shown some interesting results. The study looked at 3,207 people from Germany between the ages of 32-46. The respondents were grouped into married, never married, and divorced/separated. There were three main findings. The first being that marriage did not determine level of sexual satisfaction. The second was married couples

Want a Better Love Life? Tell Your Partner What You Want.

New research has show that couples feel anxiety when going to discuses their sex lives with their partner. They also feel it difficult to talk about their sexual needs, experiences or satisfaction with their partners as well. The article discusses where the difficulties of talking come from. It also gives some advice on how to and when to approach your

Expedited Partner Therapy

STDs are at an all time high in America, with Americans learning 2.3 million times that they have an STD, why aren’t more getting treatment? Physicians explain what is in the way of treatment.