When it comes to men, they really aren’t the best at apologizing, at least from the point of view of women. This begs the question: Why?

Starting from childhood men and women learn and grow in different ways. As children, boys generally play in big groups, in competitive games and activities, whereas girls have smaller groups and participate in cooperative and conversational activities. This leads to girls being more open and accommodating in conversation and boys having a more self protective and competitive style of communication.

Once men and women grow up, men are still less likely to say sorry. Saying sorry holds meaning and risk for men. It can be seen as a weakness or admitting fault, which can open the door to be made fun of or ridiculed. Women on the other hand, have very little risk when apologizing, as it is so common to do among women.

One way around this, is to tackle it early on in child development. Having children interact with the opposite sex more and practice communicating (think group activities).

But what can we do now that we are adults? Read more here to find out!: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/between-us/201911/hes-not-sorry

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