Do Men Fake Orgasms?

While it seems to be common knowledge and quite popular to make fun of women faking orgasms in pop culture, the questions that tends to come up is, do men?

One might think they never would or really can’t because of how their orgasms work. However, men can and in fact do fake orgasms. Of course though, an ejaculation can’t be faked. Unfortunately, only the “why” not the “how” has been studied so far, but not at great length.

One such study in 2010 asked men and women how often they faked orgasms and why. A total of 67 percent of female participants said they had and about 30 percent of men did. Both faked it mostly during vaginal intercourse. The most common answers to the “why” was they didn’t want to hurt their partners feelings, wanted it to be over, or wanted to boost their partner’s ego.

Another such study in 2016 asked only men from ages 18 to 29 how often they faked it. The participants responded that they faked it around 25 percent of the time in penile-vaginal or penile-rectal intercourse. This percentage was close to the pervious study mentioned, though it is a bit surprising how high the percentages are.

The “how” is still unknown, however a good percentage of men are most likely using condoms for protection. An orgasm is easier to fake when you can’t see or feel the ejaculation from the man. Though this is just a guess.

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