Sex Robots!

With technology rapidly advancing from the latest VR tech, to robust improvements in AI, what is the next step for pornography and sex toys? That’s right! Sex Robots!

As AI and bio-electronics get more human like you can start building your perfect mate! Sounds great, right? Well, not so fast. Sex robots are not just another sex toy to throw in the closet. They will have an impact on not only us but our relationships as well. These robots represent “supernormal stimuli” in the bedroom, as said by Glenn Geher Ph.D. The basic idea is like eating a Big Mac then going back to your chicken and rice dinner the next day. You might not feel the same satisfaction.

These robots will invariably cause relationships to decline even further than they already have. Intimacy problems in relationships will increase, and birthrates and marriages might decline. The idea might seem amazing to some, but how will it shape humanity’s future? Only time will tell.

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