How Do You View Your Ex?

Most of us have had a break up in the past, but not all of us may look back on our exes the same. As it turns out, how we look back is different for men and women.

Research published in the journal of Social Psychology and Personality Science examined to what degree men and women look back positively or negatively on past relationships. The research took 295 heterosexual individuals, who were in a relationship that was at least 4 months and didn’t end more that 5 years ago.

Their research showed that men view their exes more favorably than women do. However, the research team currently has no answer as to why, although they would like to conduct more research to find the cause.

They did however look in to if these results followed people’s intuitions. They took 589 participants and asked if they felt men, women or neither held a more positive attitude toward their ex. The majority of the respondents felt that neither would hold a more positive attitude.

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