The feral children – the extreme cases of nature-nurture dilemma

I recommend watching the documentary about the feral children – the extreme cases of children deprived of human care and “brought up” by animals or totally isolated from other humans under the very pathological circumstances, and the psychological, social, linguistic consequences as a result of extreme human environment deprivation. You may have a chance to ask yourself a question about

Helen Fisher: the brain in love – TED talk

Helen Fisher – famous anthropologist and the expert on evolutionary research on romantic love – discusses the brain in love -TED talk about romantic love from the neuro-biological, anthropological and social perspective. Follow the link if you want to know what happens in your brain when you are in love – happily of unhappily. Interactive transcript in available here

Does Japan need more research on the international marriages (Kokusai kekkon) and migration trends?

Japan, similar to the rest of the world, faces the complex process of rapid and profound demographic and socio-economic changes (Matsumoto, 2002; Kingston, 2004; Roach, 2009), challenging the established and time-honored attitudes and perceptions of social and intimate relationships, public and private spheres, as well as social support networks (Quah, 2008). Japan, along with other Asian countries is undergoing such

Gender dysphoria fka gender identity disorder

The American Psychiatric Association on 18 May 2013 released a new, fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), which intended to officially end a long term discussion over a controversial term “gender identity disorder”. The term “gender identity disorder” was eliminated because of its stigmatizing and pathologizing meaning, and a new term “gender dysphoria” was