Sexual Inequality: Entitlement in the Bedroom

More articles and studies are focusing on the female orgasm and sexual inequality in the bedroom. These studies have shown an “orgasm gap” between men and women, with women tending to have fewer orgasms than men. Researchers of 5 new studies thought this orgasm gap may come from people feeling men are more entitled to sexual pleasure than women are.

The first study surveyed 203 people though Amazon’s Mechanical Turk platform and were asked a series of questions. Two of the most important questions were, are men or women more likely to be the receiver or the provider of sexual pleasure? and does a woman or a man have “more of a right to experience an orgasm”?  These questions were based on the people the participants know.

The results from the first study showed participants indicating that men receive more please than women, and women give more pleasure than men. They also indicated that men were more entitled to an orgasm in a hook-up situation but not more entitled in a long-term relationship.

The second study asked 223 participants to read a sexual encounter where neither person had an orgasm. About 75% of the participants responded with the belief that the man had more of a right to have an orgasm than the women did, and participants indicated they perceived the man to be more “disappointed, frustrated, unsatisfied, and deprived than the woman.”

The third study asked 151 participants to think of a sexual encounter between a man and women, and if only one of them can have an orgasm, which should it be? 66.2% of the participants responded that the man should be the one to experience an orgasm.

The other studies fall in the same vein as the first 3 with similar results. The researchers are confident that their results indicate entitlement as being one of the primary causes of the orgasm gap and sexual inequalities in the bedroom.  However, they do indicate more research needs to be done in different contexts to be more generalizable.

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