More Chocolate, More Sex?

In life it is common to associate chocolate with women, for example Valentine’s Day. It seems that chocolate can make women happier or can even lead to sexual arousal. Why is that? Well, chocolate, like any other food, contains many compounds. However, unlike other foods, some of these compounds are psychoactive, similar to that of drugs. Some of these compounds can cause pleasure and heightened arousal, and like drugs, the psychoactive effects are dose dependent.

A new study wanted to investigate the link between sex and chocolate, particularly in women. This study looked at the relationships between self-rated interest in sex and how much chocolate the participants ate. The study was done on 733 men and women, over the age of 20.

The results were surprising. Men were found to be more interested in sex than women, with women eating more chocolate than men, which on its own isn’t surprising. What is surprising, is that women who ate more chocolate were less interested in sex, even when adjusted for age and ethnicity. This phenomenon was only seen in the women participants, the more chocolate they ate, the less interested in sex they were. Men were equally interested in sex no matter how much or how little they ate.

Original Article:

Study: Golomb B A, Berg B K (February 12, 2021) Chocolate Consumption and Sex-Interest. Cureus 13(2): e13310. doi:10.7759/cureus.13310

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