Paradoxical Straightness?

New research has shined more light on a little talked about trend in rural America, straight White men having sex with other straight White men. In the interviews, the men identified as being a “manly” type of man, loving shooting, hunting, fishing, etc. The researcher explains that these men strongly associated with straight culture and identify as straight. They go

Gay Men And Dating Apps

The proliferation of dating apps and sites were aimed at making our love lives a little bit easier. In smaller communities, such as the gay and lesbian communities, these apps could be seen as a god send in finding people to connect with. However, it seem these dating apps might be having a negative effect on the people using them,

Same Sex Couples and Public Display of Affection

New research opens the door on the feelings of those in same sex relationships, and how they publicly display their affection. One study, which consisted of 100,000 LGBTQ individuals, in the UK, showed that 68 percent of couples avoided holding hands in public for fear of violent or negative response. Other research from Canada shows that even though there is