Self-irony – bike, snow, condom!

It is Saturday and first heavy snowing in Tokyo this year. So I went for a bike ride… as I usually do on weekends. My friend taking these photos said: ‘You look like a glow-in-the-dark condom!’ And I answered: ‘What do you mean: “dark”…? It’s all white around!’ And then I realized, that actually I disagreed with the first part

Sex and the Japanese. The Sensual Side of Japan

Recently I came across an interesting and lightly written book by Boyé Lafayette De Mente, an American author, journalist, and adventurer, about ‘the sensual side of Japan’. Probably not for the academic discussion, because it is not the peer-reviewed piece of writing. However, it offers very insightful observations and is entertaining. Highly recommended for the beginners in Japan, who are