Advertisement on women’s legs in Japan

From a cognitive perspective a good advertisement should be put where many people look and women’s legs seem to be a perfect canvas. In Japan a new advertising service allows women to rent out their own legs to advertisers. The article on Nippon News says: “The company is called Absolute Territory PR, (interesting name, isn’t it?) and the number of

Shocking story: Genital-cooking Japanese man

Sounds bizarre and it is! However, it may be very interesting to analyse his act as an extreme form of sexual behaviour even if it is not directly related to obtaining sexual pleasure. And even if he claims he is an asexual individual. This case alone is enough to write a whole chapter about sexual psychopathology and hidden sexual motives

Interracial Marriage Hits All-time High

The global phenomenon -intercultural and interracial marriages – is on the rise, in contrast to the general population, where the decline in numbers of people who decide to marry is clearly noticeable. Why it is so? Let’s have a look at American data regarding interracial marriages. Interracial Marriage Hits All-time High

Have you heard about Cinematherapy?

Have you heard about cinematherapy? Birgit Wolz is using the power of movies in the therapeutic process which may be a very helpful tool to heal the emotional wounds and the key to reach to our buried traumas. Plus you can find very intriguing psychological analyses of many great movies! Check this link out!

Nature versus Nurture

One of a very famous and tragic stories in the history of sexology is a case of John/Joan (David Reimer). This documentary may offer you food for thought in terms of what really makes us a man or a woman. Dr. Money And The Boy With No Penis